Get to Know your Community by Getting Involved

Being involved in your community doesn’t just benefit others; being involved can help you feel more connected to society. Through community service, you gain a sense of responsibility, and you set an example of sacrifice and service to your family and friends.

Here are some ways to get involved in your own community:

  • Visit Enter your zip code and skills or interests to find volunteer opportunities suited just for you.
  • Volunteer your time at rest homes or retirement communities, developmental centers, or assisted living facilities in your area.
  • Volunteer at community events. Many community events throughout the country can be found at the Library of Congress Local Legacies website.
  • Host or sponsor an event such as a race (try Relay for Life) or a school event. Read your local newspaper or city newsletter to search for opportunities.
  • Talk to local church leaders to see what the needs of your neighborhood and community are.
  • Call your local school district to find volunteer opportunities.
  • Adopt a child or family for Christmas. Many names are also given to local church authorities. Contact local shelters to find families in need or contact your local United Way.
  • Be an informed citizen so you can be a leader in your own community.



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